DIY Upcycled Sink Ideas

You've heard the old saying that one’s trash is another's treasure. Well, when it comes to your old kitchen sink, your trash can also become your treasure.

Yes – there is actually a market for old kitchen sinks. And if you don't want to pursue upcycling your used sink so that it can serve another purpose, chances are that your neighbor, friend, or co-worker will! In fact, there are plenty of ways to reuse or upcycle bathroom sinks. Here, we'll share some of the most common upcycled old sink vanity ideas, from the backyard to the beach. 

An Upcycled Sink in the Garden

There are several ways to turn your old sink into a planter, potting bench, or planting station. Here are some unique sink upcycling ideas in backyards:

  • Outdoor planters. Fill your old sink with soil and plant some flowers or vegetable seeds. What's nice is that all sinks have drainage holes that capture water and channel it down to the sewer. But when sinks are used for planting, the holes will allow any excess water to easily drain so you're not flooding out your flowers or veggies.
  • Potting benches. Take out the faucets and plumbing, place a wooden surface over the sink, and use it to repot your plants or store gardening tools.

Kitchen and Bathroom Upcycling Ideas

Just because an old sink no longer has a purpose in your bathroom or kitchen doesn't mean that it cannot be reused. Here's a closer look at some ideas:

  • Repurpose it as an outdoor sink. Outdoor kitchens and wet bars are on the rise, and an old kitchen sink could make for the perfect exterior piece in these settings. Even if you're not eyeing an outdoor kitchen, you can easily connect an outdoor sink to a garden hose and use it as a pet bathing station, a place to wash your hands, or a space to rinse gardening tools after use.
  • A DIY bathroom vanity. The right type of older kitchen sink could make for a great rustic bathroom vanity. All you need is a vision, some tools, and some know-how to make it happen.

Upcycling Ideas for Your Backyard

Your backyard is an oasis for upcycling an old kitchen sink. Some of the other options may include:

  • A fish pond. If the sink is large and deep enough, an outdoor fish pond could make for a great feature. You'll need to add a pump and some plans to make it a viable environment, but when done correctly it could make for a stunning, unique feature in your yard.
  • A bird bath. Birds love to bathe – and your old kitchen sink could make for the ideal backyard environment for them to do so. Birds will like the sink's smooth surface, making the spot one that they flock to.
  • A beverage cooler. Who doesn't like a good outdoor barbecue? Rather than pull out the coolers to keep drinks cold for your guests, just pour some ice into an old kitchen sink-turned-beverage cooler. The holes in the bottom will drain ice, melt and your drinks will be kept nice and cold.

Ready for a New Sink?

Like any old appliance, be sure to clean and sanitize any sink before you begin any sort of upcycling project. After that, just be creative, and let the ideas that we've listed above guide you. Once you’ve upcycled your old sink, you’ll surely need a new replacement piece. Browse Luxury Bath for Less’s sinks for beautiful, affordable designs!

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