Old-World vs Modern: Achieving the Perfect Balance of Both in Bathrooms and Kitchens

One of the best things about a bathroom or kitchen makeover is that there isn't necessarily a cookie-cutter approach to a renovation project. In other words, there are a ton of options and ways that you can make the space feel like yours. One of the most recent trends is blending old with new to strike a perfect balance of vintage and modern design elements. 

In this post, we'll cover some of the old-world kitchen ideas like vintage bathroom accessories, and new trends like European-inspired bathrooms. Plus, we’ll walk you through how to blend these two design styles seamlessly into your space. 

Achieving the Perfect Balance of Vintage and Modern

When it comes to old-world bathroom makeover ideas, achieving that old-world charm in bathrooms is easy to do with a few vintage-inspired pieces! And if you’re looking to balance rustic kitchen design ideas with modern elements, you can do so easily with some contemporary touches. Here’s how to achieve the perfect balance of old and modern in your kitchen and bathrooms: 

Vintage Inspired Hardware

Vintage hardware – such as tile, faucets, appliances, fixtures, and more – don't just look great, but they also represent timeless bathroom design elements. Period-style hardware continues to trend in both the kitchen and bathroom spaces. And if you're not willing to shop around for the real thing, it's not difficult to find vintage reproductions of parts and accessories.

Warm Colors Create Cozy Spaces

Warm colors don't just work to create cozy and inviting spaces, but they can also help bring out an old-world bathroom design. If you're looking to add warm colors to your bathroom or kitchen space, consider saturated tones or a darker shade of red, orange, or gold. Chocolate brown, caramel, and fawn are also trending favorites. Warm colors tend to work better in larger spaces, like kitchens, than they do in smaller spaces.

Natural Features

Natural elements like stone and iron don't just look great, but they can help bring traditional appeal to any space within the home. Consider accent stone walls in the bathroom, stone countertops in the kitchen, and plenty of appliances and accessories crafted from iron.

Modern Appliances

We've talked a lot about vintage and timeless accessories for the kitchen and bathroom. And modern-day appliances can help bring this space together and truly help the old meet the new. For instance, the European-inspired kitchen tends to feature frame-less construction. You'll often find flush-mounted appliances, slab doors, recessed hardware, and modern appliances. On a similar note, the European-inspired bathroom tends to have an open design and contemporary features. Modern appliances are the key to both, bringing more than just a sleek look to these spaces, but convenience and efficiency as well.

Open and Bright

While warm colors are ideal for creating a welcoming, intimate environment, light or neutral colors are ideal for smaller spaces – like bathrooms – and help make these spaces appear larger. Keeping spaces open and not cluttered can also help them appear larger overall.

Classic Patterns and Textures

A final tip for blending old and new is to explore classic patterns and textures when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen space. Whether it's for the flooring, backsplash, shower stall, or countertops, there's truly no limit to the opportunities to add unique patterns and textures to the bathroom or kitchen environment. Be sure to explore all of your options and select the right fit for your space.

Build a Beautiful Balance of Old-World and Modern with Luxury Bath for Less

For more information on how to strike the perfect balance between the old world and modern world in your kitchen or bathroom, and for the products and accessories to help you do it, contact Luxury Bath for Less today.

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