Outdoor Summer Kitchen Ideas

When the weather gets nice, it's only natural to want to spend more time outdoors soaking it all in, and installing an outdoor kitchen is one way to ensure you do so! Outdoor kitchens can serve multiple purposes. They're great for hosting parties, backyard barbecues, and other food-oriented get-togethers. Backyard or patio kitchens are just as useful if you simply want to relax with family or other members of your household.

Here, we'll cover some key considerations for planning your outdoor kitchen and bar. From appliance materials to outdoor kitchen sinks, here are a few backyard kitchen ideas to help you make the most out of every meal this summer!

Backyard Kitchen Ideas: Key Considerations

Before we get into some of the specifics, it's worth exploring some of the logistics of taking on a large outdoor kitchen project. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Where are you building the kitchen and how large will it be? Before beginning this project, you’ll need to determine where you’re going to build your outdoor kitchen. On decks, for example, an outdoor kitchen will require a different building model than those on patios. The type of kitchen you're building and where you're building it will determine the scope of the project.
  • Do you want more than just an outdoor kitchen? If you want to kick your outdoor space up a notch, you might consider exploring some outdoor kitchen bar ideas to add to this gathering space.
  • Do you want your kitchen covered? An outdoor covered kitchen can ensure you're still able to use this space when it's raining. Covering your kitchen can help maximize the use potential and protect appliances.

Outdoor Sinks, Finishes, and Faucets

Keep in mind that any appliance you install in an outdoor kitchen is going to be subjected to elements it wouldn't otherwise be exposed to inside. Noting this, we suggest carefully assessing your selections, especially when it comes to the appliances that are likely to be used the most often, like sinks and faucets.

Generally speaking, copper is a great material to install outdoors due to its resistance to corrosion and weather. If cared for and maintained properly, copper products have the potential to last for decades. One of our favorites is the Waterworks Normandy hammered copper sink.

You want your outdoor kitchen to look great, too, which is why it's important to focus on the finish of your sinks and faucets. Chrome is often a preferred finish for a variety of reasons. For starters, chrome sinks offer a sleek and modern finish. What's more is that chrome can help increase the hardness and durability of the surface, making it all the more resistant to corrosion and weathering. Some of our favorite chrome faucets include the Waterworks Formwork High Profile and the Waterworks Canteen One Hole Pull Spray. Both are great options for any outdoor kitchen or wet bar.

Other Considerations

The potential for your outdoor kitchen and living space is endless and really comes down to what you intend its purpose to be. Beyond the sink and faucets for your outdoor kitchen, some other ideas you may elect to incorporate include:

  • An outdoor shower
  • A pizza oven
  • A grill, smoker, or griddle
  • A refrigerator
  • A stove
  • Cabinets
  • Outdoor TVs

Build The Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams With Luxury Bath for Less

For more information on planning your outdoor kitchen and to browse our selection of appliances and fixtures to help make your dreams a reality, contact Luxury Bath for Less.

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