How to Elevate Your Modern Bath with Industrial Fixtures

Raw materials, clean lines, and simple, warm, elegant features. These are all aspects of a “modern meets industrial” bathroom – a space that combines a sophisticated look and feel with bold and timeless fixtures. When it comes to designing a luxury bath, marrying the modern with the industrial is a great way to create a rustic yet elegant space. From oxidized and natural patina to unlacquered brass and matte finishes, there are many unique characteristics and options to elevate your bath space. Here are some ideas to update and bring in a personal industrial style to your modern bathroom! 

Industrial Faucets

Sometimes, the smallest details can have the biggest impact. Faucets, for example, can really tie a “modern meets industrial” bathroom together. Whether they're wall or deck-mounted, industrial faucets make a bold statement. Some of our top picks for modern baths include:

Living Finish Faucets

Living finishes are a common industrial feature in modern baths (especially bronze finish fixtures as well as copper, brass, and nickel adornments). A living finish refers to metals without any sort of protective coating applied to them in post-production. This allows them to age naturally. Over time, the finish oxidizes and appears more “worn,” giving the fixture an industrial-like charm. An aged finish is appealing for many, when metals are naturally changed through elements,  a visually appealing feature in bathroom fixtures.  Living finishes are commonly sought in “modern meets industrial” bathrooms, particularly when it comes to the sink or the faucets.

Certain materials – like those used in unlacquered brass faucets – tend to change in appearance faster than other types of uncoated metals. Nickel silver, bronze, and copper are other materials where oxidation tends to happen more rapidly. Various other factors also tend to play a key role in how fast these uncoated metals change, such as:

  • Humidity.
  • Airborne salinity.
  • Pollutants.
  • Oxygen content.
  • Cleaning products used.
  • Water hardness.

Antique Pieces

Sometimes all it takes is one statement piece to become the focus of your bath. For many homeowners, this design element is an antique. Whether it's a vanity base with an antique brass finish or aged rustic bathroom faucets, incorporating an older element into your modern bathroom can provide that beautiful industrial feel without overpowering the contemporary theme.

Washstand Sinks

One unique feature of a “modern meets industrial” bathroom is a vanity with exposed pipes or metal accents. Washstand sinks achieve this same aesthetic, but they’re slightly less dramatic so as not to take away from your contemporary aesthetic. They’re installed into the wall and supported by two legs that run from the base of the sink to the floor. The faucet(s) can be installed into the sink, with the plumbing exposed and running underneath the sink, or directly into the wall.

Black Accents

Whether it's lighting, handles and fixtures, plumbing hardware, or a decorative accent, the color black rules in the industrial bathroom. Not only is the color synonymous with an industrial style, but it also adds a touch of graphic interest and can help boldly complement other accessories –  especially if these other accessories are lighter in color.

Other Considerations

There are various other considerations that homeowners should weigh when it comes to creating the ideal industrial bathroom environment. Some of these include the addition of:

  • Unique fixtures and handles (like toilet paper holders, towel racks, and shower fixtures).
  • Standalone bathtubs.
  • Shower doors.
  • Lighting (particularly pendants and sconces).
  • Flooring.

Modernize Your Bathroom with Luxury Bath for Less

From faucets to sinks, fixtures, and statement-making accessories, Luxury Bath for Less is your one-stop shop for creating the “modern meets industrial” bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank. With high-end products at affordable prices, our industry-leading inventory is wide-ranging and diverse so you can find the exact products that you're looking for.

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