How to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Hosting summer pool parties and cookouts requires a spacious, lively, and accommodating outdoor area. From outdoor showers to exterior kitchens, maximizing your backyard or refurbished patio space is a must for entertainers. 

But a lot goes into the planning, selection, and installation of additions and appliances that turn your beautiful backyard kitchen ideas into a reality. To create an exquisite outdoor kitchen area or picture-perfect deck, consider a few living space elevations from our outdoor patio ideas!

With the help of Luxury Bath for Less, you can turn your outdoor space into a paradise without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways you can maximize and elevate your backyard or patio on a budget. 

Outdoor Sinks and Outdoor Showers

Outdoor sinks and showers are a practical addition if you have a pool or hot tub, host company, or just enjoy spending time outdoors during the warm weather months. Outdoor sinks are great for barbecues or cookouts and for washing up after gardening. Outdoor showers are ideal for a quick rinse after a dip in the pool or hot tub. They can also help remove sand after a day at the nearby beach, so your kids aren’t tracking it into your home and creating a mess.

Understand the Difference Between Lacquered vs. Living Finishes

Many property owners will purchase an outdoor appliance based on how it looks now without considering how the material will wear over time. As a result, homeowners are often surprised or even disappointed with their purchase, as natural elements like rain change or even tarnish the finish. Because of this, outdoor sinks and showers are available in either lacquered or living finishes. 

Familiarize yourself with both and pick your preference! 

Lacquered Finishes

Appliances with lacquered finishes are ideal if you want the finish of an outdoor sink or shower to stay the same – or similar – color over time. A lacquered finish is applied as an after-treatment and typically offers long-lasting protection from natural elements including UV rays. This after-treatment also makes such products easy to clean. The Waterworks Orleans One Hole Kitchen Faucet and Waterworks Roadster Exposed Thermostatic shower are two lacquer-finished items you can find at Luxury Bath for Less.

Living Finishes

Fitting to the name, living finishes naturally change over time with exposure to the elements. They have no protective coating and the metal will change – sometimes drastically – as the product ages. The Waterworks One Hold Henry Gooseneck Faucet and Waterworks RW Atlas Exposed Thermostatic shower are two examples of unlacquered (i.e., living finish) products you can find at Luxury Bath for Less.

The Finishing Touches: Outdoor Living Essentials from Luxury Bath for Less

If you're interested in taking your outdoor space to the next level, incorporating luxury living elevations into your design can enhance the aesthetics, ambiance, and even your property’s value. Luxury Bath for Less has a variety of outdoor appliances and accessories to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

For more information on how to maximize your outdoor space with affordable exterior kitchen and bath appliances, contact Luxury Bath for Less. Our beautiful products enhance outdoor entertaining and living spaces without breaking your budget.

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