Fall Home Improvements: Update Your Space With Washstands and Bar Areas

Less clutter, and more of an open look and feel. It's a common trend in bathrooms, especially for those with limited square footage or no desire or ability to expand them. But, there are many ways to accomplish this aesthetic this fall. One of the most popular is replacing the traditional sink vanity with a washstand.

Fall is also known as the season of transition, where hot summer evenings give way to cool fall days before winter fully sets in. Plus, with college and pro football kicking off, there's also arguably no better time to host friends and family over at your home. And if you're going to be hosting company, the addition of a bar or bar area can make for a nice touch and cement your home as the "go-to" spot for gatherings.

Ready to give your home its much-needed fall facelift? Here we'll walk you through these two popular fall home improvement projects in greater detail and highlight some of the products and accessories to help you get the job done. Let’s take a look:

Make Your Bathroom Bigger By Adding a Washstand

The average-sized bathroom in a small home is only about 40 square feet. When you add things like a shower or bathtub, toilet, and vanity, space is certainly at a premium. That's why it can make sense to "make your bathroom bigger" by replacing the conventional vanity with a luxury washstand sink. Washstands only take up a fraction of the floor space of a vanity and still offer a practical place for washing hands, brushing your teeth, and getting ready in the morning.

Some of the luxury washstands we like best include:

Just make sure to pair any washstand with a P-trap that matches, as plumbing won't be able to be hidden within the vanity.

Turn Your Home Into an Entertainment Mecca with a Bar Area

One of the most common fall home improvement upgrades is adding a bar area to host friends and family for events and activities (plus, it can make an excellent place for holiday gatherings too). Bar areas are places in the home where people come to share stories and make memories. But a bar area isn't complete without a nice sink area, and Normandy sinks can add a mix of elegance and warmth to any environment. Hammered and polished by hand, these sinks are designed to age to a point where they'll reveal their own special color.

Make sure your home bar area is also complete with the finer details, like towel bars and a faucet to complement your chosen sink. Cabinets can also add a nice touch to your space and make for a convenient area to store mugs, pint glasses, shot glasses, and wine glasses.

With how busy summer can be, there's no time like fall to get down to business with your home improvement projects. For help selecting the perfect washstand or sink for your bar area, contact Luxury Bath for Less. Our stunning products will enhance your space, making it the perfect place for gathering this fall.

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