Spring Cleaning Living Finishes: How to Make Your Home Look Fresh and New for Spring

If you’re well-versed in the world of interior design, decor, and home living, then you've likely heard the term "living finishes" before. But what does this really mean and what home decor and designs does this concept apply to?

While living finishes can refer to any number of home essentials, they're particularly applicable to products that you'd install in a bathroom or kitchen. When it comes to refreshing your home for spring, introducing some luxury living finishes is key. Here we'll take a closer look at what exactly a living finish is, why it's so highly sought-after, and how to clean or polish sinks, faucets, and other home finishes during your annual spring cleaning. 

Living Finishes 101

Let's kick off this spring cleaning season by first defining what a living finish is. Specifically, a living finish is a non-lacquered and unprotected finish that tends to change color either over time or on a seasonal basis due to oxidation as well as contact with soaps and other bath and sink products. A living finish is becoming an increasingly trendy look in the kitchen and bathroom, and it's a big reason why consumers are regularly shopping for brass, bronze, and copper decor that lacks a protective coating.

Some of the most common finishes that consumers look for are:

  • Unlacquered brass
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Iron
  • Brass

Cleaning and Polishing Finishes

Regular cleaning and polishing of these living finishes are an essential part of maintaining them and always ensuring that they are looking their very best. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifetime of the current finish and prevent it from changing if you want to preserve it longer. Cleaning is suggested every three to six months for those who want to slow the change of their living finish. When you perform these seasonal cleanings, consider using wax to help protect the current finish and make it shine for longer. If you want to revert the finish back to the original, you can use either a metal polish or a mildly acidic polish to restart the product's aging process.

Routine cleaning is important regardless of whether or not you like the product's current finish. This is simply done with soap and water. So break out your home cleaning essentials this spring and give your surfaces and living finishes a good clean or polish to achieve the desired look.

Product Highlights

Like we've said, some of the most popular living finish fixtures are the likes of faucets and sinks. You can find a beautiful and affordable collection of polished sinks, vintage brass, uncoated brass faucets, and other living finish fixtures with Luxury Bath for Less! Here are some of our more popular home essentials with trendy living finishes to choose from.

Brighten Up Your Home for Spring with Luxury Bath for Less

For more information about living finishes and how to clean, polish and maintain them to your liking, contact Luxury Bath for Less today. With a wide range of living finish faucets, sinks, and other products in stock, we have the components you need to make your bathroom or kitchen truly stand out. Contact our team to learn more!

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