Toilet Paper Holders

Waterworks Toilet Paper Holders

When you think of upgrading or renovating your bathroom, chances are things like vanities, floor tile, mirrors, showerheads, and other seemingly more essential components come to mind. But one accessory that you can't forget about is your toilet paper holder, one of the more minor details that tie your bathroom together and make it feel complete!

There are various toilet paper holder styles available, but the one that helps keep this accessory out of the way while also offering a stylish punch is the wall-mounted type. Wall-mounted toilet paper holders don't take up a lot of space in your bathroom and install securely. At Luxury Bath for Less, we carry a range of toilet paper holders available in a variety of finishes to meet the design aesthetics of any bathroom.

Browse our toilet paper holder page today to see our full selection of wall-mounted Waterworks toilet paper holders and consider making this convenient upgrade to your bathroom. In a bathroom where space can be limited, it makes sense to consider a wall-mounted toilet paper holder over the various freestanding options. Contact Luxury Bath for Less today for more information on how these accessories can truly complete any bathroom upgrade or overhaul. We welcome you to browse other sections of our website to see all of the fixtures, fittings, and accessories we have available and how they can complete your bathroom.