How to Pick a Backsplash: Choosing From the Many Different Types of Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens

Backsplashes are a classic accessory in modern-day kitchens. However, they must be selected carefully to achieve that contemporary look and feel you’re going for. When it comes to choosing the perfect backsplash to elevate your kitchen, there are so many things to think about. To help you find a backsplash that will transform your everyday kitchen into a luxury space, here are a few frequently asked questions to consider:

What Are the Most Popular Tiles for Backsplashes?

One of the most popular backsplash tiles is also commonly used as a floor tile: ceramic. What makes ceramic the ideal tile for kitchen backsplashes? For starters, ceramic is among the most versatile types of tile. A timeless tile for kitchen backsplashes and flooring alike, ceramic comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. It's also durable and easy to clean and maintain. Other popular tiles include stone, subway tiles, porcelain, and glass.

What Are Some Trendy Choices for a Kitchen Backsplash?

A few of the more popular backsplash trends we see today are subway tiles and a matching backsplash and countertop. Homeowners tend to prefer subway tiles over other options because they’re incredibly versatile. Extending the countertop material to the backsplash can make for a very contemporary look with a polished, universal feel.

What Are The Timeless Tile Styles for Kitchen Backsplashes?

There are plenty of classic tile options for backsplashes. From a stone backsplash to hexagon, picket, penny, and square tiles, these styles not only provide stunning details to their spaces, but withstand the test of time and taste. Choosing a backsplash may seem stressful, but many options provide homeowners a traditional beauty that is easy to accomplish.

Should Backsplashes Be Lighter or Darker Than the Countertop?

Backsplash colors tend to be dictated by that of your countertops. So, for instance, if your countertops and cabinets are darker in color, then lighter-colored backsplashes might work best in your kitchen – and vice versa. What's nice about modern backsplashes is that you can use accent colors to complement the base shade, which creates visual versatility.

What Are the Most Popular Backsplash Tile Sizes?

The most common tile size for backsplashes is either 3 x 6 inches or 4 x 4 inches. These sizes are considered standard and help contribute to a more timeless look and feel in the kitchen. That said, backsplash tiles do come in other sizes and can be custom-made to create your ideal aesthetic.

Keep in mind that most backsplashes extend anywhere from three to six inches up the wall from the countertop – a key consideration when selecting your tile size. The average kitchen backsplash spans about four inches up the wall. In larger kitchens, it's not unusual for the backsplash to span up to 15 inches from the countertop.

Do Large Backsplash Tiles Make a Kitchen Look Bigger?

It's not so much the backsplash tile size that can make a kitchen look larger or smaller, but the specific tile used. For instance, ceramic tiles offer a more reflective surface than others. When combined with other reflective surfaces in the kitchen, ceramic tiles can help amplify the effects of lighting. It's this effect that can make a kitchen seem larger than it actually is.

Need a Few More Backsplash + Countertop Ideas? 

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