How to Blend a Traditional and Modern Bathroom Aesthetic: Contemporary and Classic Bathroom Design Ideas

Timeless, traditional bath designs never go out of style. But, mixing modern and traditional design aesthetics brings a whole new level of luxury to your home. Transform your bathroom into a space that balances modern and traditional themes with a few contemporary touches and classic finishes.

If you live in an older home with more traditional-style bathrooms, it’s possible to elevate these spaces with more modern bathroom hardware without sacrificing charm. It boils down to making small, yet smart upgrades that mesh the past and present. 

Here, we'll take a closer look at how to create a modern/traditional bathroom by incorporating sophisticated fixtures that accentuate the beauty and elegance of a classic design. 

Opt for Metal Finishes

Trying to blend a traditional bathroom design with contemporary styles? Metal can go a long way when it comes to blending new and old features, as metal features add some pop and improve the overall aesthetic of the space. From lighting to sinks and shower valves, there are a bevy of parts available in metal finishes to help achieve this “new meets old” look. Some of the most popular modern metal finishes include brass, copper, and nickel. For a contemporary take on classic features, the Low Profile Three Hole Deck Lavatory Faucet and Roadster Thermostatic Control Valve Trim are both beautiful additions to your bath remodel. 

Pay Attention to the Little Details

When it comes to modernizing your traditional bathroom, you can't ignore the small details like cabinet hardware. Again, this is a great way to work in metal finishes. Additionally, be sure to pay attention to some of the other hardware components in the bathroom, such as towel bars, toilet paper holders, shelving, modern bathroom sink faucets, and more. This modern bathroom hardware can mix well with traditional bathroom designs.

Select a Sink Style That Matches the Vibe

We've discussed some of the smaller details you’ll want to consider, but there are some larger investments that can take your bath design to next-level elegance. One of the biggest bathroom considerations is the sink style. When it comes to sinks, classic looks are trending right now. Those timeless rustic looks and more traditional models are back in style! So, if you’re looking for traditional master bathroom ideas revolving around sinks, some of these options include:

  • The farmhouse sink. These styles tend to be large, deep, and versatile. A more rustic design makes for a welcoming space and works well with neutral colors.
  • Industrial-style sinks. These are often installed as stand-alone sinks and can expose piping, plumbing, and other bathroom features.
  • Victorian-style sinks. These sinks may be a bit too old school for some bathrooms, but they tend to offer an elegant look. Known for their classic tones and unique aesthetic, these sinks also tend to be space-saving.

Neutral Colors

We've talked about some of the hardware features you'll want to incorporate into your bathroom, but you can't forget about your color palette, too. The shades and tones you use tend to go a long way in determining the look and feel of any space. Neutral, more subtle colors tend to be in right now, as they highlight any hardware or statement-making features. Just because you opt for a neutral or more subtle color scheme doesn't mean that your bathroom has to be boring. Make sure to create different contrasts in your space to really make the space pop and add some depth to the room.

Other Considerations

There are various other design features you'll want to consider, including:

  • Flooring patterns and materials
  • Wallpapers and wall art
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Other accessories

Luxury Bath for Less: Where Traditional Meets Modern

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