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Don't underestimate the importance of toilet hardware and bath essentials – and we're not just talking about traditional bathroom fixtures. While toilets are a must for every bathroom, another product is taking the world of bath decor by storm. Whether it's due to personal preference or trends in the world of interior design and home decorating, bidets are becoming increasingly common in many bathrooms – and bidet hardware is necessary to install them properly. 

Bidets are valuable for a variety of reasons. Not only can bidets help people with mobility challenges clean up after using the restroom, but they also don't require the use of toilet paper, which can save property owners money and ease the strain on the environment. Bidets are also able to effectively and efficiently clean you. But to install your bidet correctly, you’ll need the right hardware. That's where Luxury Bath for Less comes in!

When it comes to bathroom upgrades, new toilet hardware and bidets are a must to design your dream bath. If you’re unfamiliar with bathroom hardware and toilet or bidet installation, Luxury Bath for Less is here to help. With our collection of straight and universal angle watercloset supply kits, we can help streamline your bathroom remodel. These kits are available in materials ranging from carbon to matte nickel to chrome and sizes ranging from ½ inch to ⅜ inch.

For more information on toilet and bidet hardware, contact the team at Luxury Bath for Less. We’re here to help you bring your dream bathroom to life, one essential at a time.