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Ceramic Tile

Flooring is an important component of any room in your home, but it's perhaps one of the most vital considerations of a bathroom remodel. Bathroom floors are likely to come into contact with water on a regular basis. That said, they need a hard surface material that's able to withstand exposure to moisture and keep your bathroom watertight to prevent seepage. Because of this, durable and versatile ceramic tiles are a favorite for bathroom floors.

Bathroom ceramic tile is hard, affordable, and easy to install and maintain, all of which make it the perfect material for floors and shower walls. Modern bathroom tiles are incredibly stylish and available in a variety of shapes and colors. To design the bathroom of your dreams, browse the beautiful collection of ceramic tiles at Luxury Bath for Less. We also offer elegant selections to embellish your bathroom floor and decor.

From bullnose solid tile to ice water glossy crackle, our ceramic styles are a must-have! We offer ceramic tiles in a variety of neutrals like gray, white, and cream in tile sizes that range from 4.25 x 8 inches to 1.75 x 6 inches. These ceramic looks are also an ideal backsplash kitchen tile. Use them to create a glossy, easy-to-clean, water-tight sink backsplash space.

Shopping our selection of ceramic kitchen tiles and ceramic bath tiles is easy to do! Customize the page with our toolbar settings to browse by brand, color, and price. For more questions about our ceramic tiles, contact our support team.