2023 Bathroom Design Ideas

New year, new bathroom! If one of your New Year's resolutions is to renovate or update your bath, then you've come to the right place. Not only does Luxury Bath for Less have what you need to create the bath of your dreams, but we've also got the details on some of the biggest bathroom interior design trends for 2023. To create a stylish space that invites luxury into your home, here are this year’s top bathroom remodel ideas. 

Layers and Texturing

Layering can add personality and a sense of comfort to any bathroom space, and it's also one of the hottest trends in bathroom renovations for 2023. So what can you do to add layers to your bathroom? Here's some layering and texturing bathroom inspiration:

  • Large throw rugs
  • Decorative wallpaper
  • Wainscoting
  • Patterned window treatments
  • Unique tiles

Layers and texture don’t just offer comfort, but they can also make a statement when they’re done right. Consider combining one or more of the aforementioned strategies to come up with the right mix of layering in your bathroom.

Add Some Personality to the Space

Nobody likes a boring bathroom. Besides, every room in your home should look and feel like yours. It's estimated the average person spends about 30 minutes in the bathroom daily or about 180 hours per year. So, why would you want the space to be anything but luxurious? 

Here are a few ways you can add personality to your bathroom to truly make it yours:

  • Incorporate luxury bathroom faucets, high-end bathroom sinks, and elegant shower heads.
  • Explore unique tiling options to add more variety to the space.
  • Upgrade your bathroom vanity to a piece that suits your personality and adds the functionality you're looking for. Natural-looking vanities and modern bathroom faucets are particularly trendy right now.
  • Consider freestanding tubs to create more of a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere.

Create Some Separation

You've likely heard of “his and hers” sinks, but for those who have ample space in their bathrooms, some separation between various features and amenities is becoming increasingly popular. This design idea has an oasis-like feel and creates some separation for residents to have their own space. Even his and her water closets are becoming popular in larger master bathrooms. If you’re looking for some shower bathroom remodel ideas, consider dual shower heads or installing a tub that’s separate from the shower.

The bottom line: If you're doing an extensive renovation and have plenty of space to play with, this is a trend-forward design idea that could be worth pursuing!

Old Meets New

This is the year when contemporary ideas meet timeless, old-fashioned designs. Free-standing bathtubs, trough sinks, and antique vanities are back in style! So too are subway tiles in the bath or shower stalls, which offer more of a trendy old-school vibe. At the same time, when these features and amenities are mixed with new floor tiles, luxury mirrors, and other fresh features, it can create that perfect mix that marries modern design with classic style.

Design Your Dream Bathroom on a Budget with Luxury Bath for Less!

For more information on how we can help you upgrade your bathroom with the latest interior design features, contact Luxury Bath for Less. With a variety of bathroom products and amenities in stock, we can help pair you with the right features for your bathroom remodel at a price point that's not going to break your budget. 

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