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Optix Watercolors 2 x 4 Staggered Mosaic in Tan


  • 90000
  • $ 2,02500

  • Measurements: 12" x 12" x 1/4"
  • Material: Non-Tempered Glass
  • Color: Tan/Lonesome Beach (As second image)
  • Collection: Optix
  • Vendor Name: Waterworks
  • Vendor SKU: 01-28087-71859 
  • Original List Price: $75/SF
  • Listing Includes: 27SF
  • Installation Details: Suitable for Interior walls, wet areas and exterior use in tropical and sub tropical climates only.All setting materials must be white. Use a modified thinset or white silicone adhesive. Use only white silicone adhesive for steam showers. Each tile must be fully back-buttered. Grout: Use a sanded factory modified or one with acrylic polymer. Clean Watercolors glass tiles regularly with a non-abrasive, mild and PH neutral cleanser
  • Additional Details: Watercolors is a thinner glass tile that is suitable for walls only and provides an exquisite combination when paired with Glacier Bay on the floor

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